Every Tool You Need for Content Creation (For Free!) - EBOOK AVAILABLE!

Tool:Every Tool You Need for Content Creation (For Free!) - EBOOK AVAILABLE!


Getting started in content creation can invoke many juxtaposing emotions, like excitement and happiness to fear and disappointment. This guide surfaces free tools and startup steps to jump quickly through learning how to get things done and hop straight into the creative process. Knowing how to begin is sometimes just the right motivation for getting passed the question, "Where do I start?" Please understand that these tools will not help to answer the question of "Why am I creating?" This information will be most effective if you've taken the time to identify why you want to create and what you will create. Knowing those two things prior to deciding how to get things done will make this guide much more useful. If you need help answering these two fundamental pillars, I'd suggest taking a look at my eBook Next Steps: Approaching Content Creation Strategically. Beyond that, the tools recommended therein were selected specifically for their usefulness and being free of charge. Of course, there are other resources and tools available outside those included here, some at a cost, and I would encourage you to explore them in your creator journey to find if any can add value to your specific process. However, to help you reach that stage and beyond, this guide is an excellent collection by which to begin.

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